COSD5501 - Oliver on CD

COSD5501 - Oliver on CD

Song Listing:

Overture (Orchestra)

Food, Glorious Food (Mark Lester and Boys), Oliver! (Harry Secombe, Peggy Mount and Boys)

Boy for Sale (Harry Secombe)

Where Is Love? (Mark Lester)

Pick a Pocket or Two (Ron Moody and Boys)

Consider Yourself (Jack Wild, Mark Lester and Ensemble

I'd Do Anything (Jack Wild, Shani Wallis, Sheila White, Mark Le4ster, Ron Moody and Boys)

Be Back Soon (Ron Moody and Boys)

As Long As He Needs Me (Shani Wallis)

Who Will Buy? Mark Lester and Ensemble

It's a Fine Life (Shani Wallis, Sheila White and "The Three Cripples" Crowd

Reviewing the Situation (Ron Moody)

Oom-Pah-Pah (Shani Wallis and "The Three Cripples" Crowd)

Finale (Where Is Love?/ Consider Yourself) (Orchestra and Ensemble)


Fagin - Ron Moody

Bill Sikes - Oliver Reed

Mr. Bumble - Harry Secombe

Nancy - Shani Wallis

Oliver - Mark Lester

Artful Dodger - Jack Wild

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